NGA is a trusted partner for clients who are acquiring, developing or renovating property. Experts in Washington’s complicated geology and topography with 20 years of experience make us your ideal partner.

From preliminary and final evaluations to full construction monitoring and inspection services, we support your project from purchase through construction.

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How we can help:

  • Explorations & characterization of Soil

  • Surface & Groundwater evaluation

  • Foundation bearing capacity evaluation

  • Pile capacity design

  • Instrumentation installation and monitoring

  • Soil compaction monitoring and testing

  • Excavations, tiebacks and shoring monitoring

  • Settlement analysis and surcharge monitoring

  • Stormwater monitoring

  • Water supply studies

  • Aerial photo interpretation

  • Compaction testing of structural fill using Nuclear Densometers

  • Deep Foundation Installation

  • Shoring design and installation

  • Shoring Walls and Tiebacks

  • Testing and monitoring of structural fill and mass grading

  • Modular block wall design

  • Drainage/Infiltration systems

  • Groundwater level monitoring


Our development projects