Engineering a Stable Future

The ground beneath our feet. The little corner of the planet upon which we stake our claim and put our roots down. The foundation upon which we build our dreams and settle in to the structures that support our family and communities.

For 4.5 billion years persistent and prevailing forces have been acting upon our Earth, shaping, changing and impacting the sites upon which humans impose their vision. At NGA it is our passion to understand the complex and minutia details of your unique site and to engineer the systems that will ensure the long term stability of your structures.

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 Our Services

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Using the principals of soil & rock mechanics, we at NGA investigate subsurface conditions and materials, determine their innate properties and evaluate the stability of natural slopes and man-made soil deposits.

We then assess risks posed by site conditions and design creative, out of the box earthworks and structure foundations and monitor site conditions, earthworks and foundation construction.



Support for clients looking to develop, renovate or decommission property

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Assessments to minimize or avoid adverse environmental effects or full hazardous site remediation assistance

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Coastal & Marine

Infrastructure designed to maintain and protect our coastal habitats

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Expert Witness Services

Litigation services in the field of Geotechnical Engineering

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Designing the systems that keep us connected

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Landslides & slope stability

Assessing the static and dynamic stability of natural and man-made slopes as well as the engineering of mitigation measures


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Featured Projects